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Knee Braces

Knee braces are for people who have suffered knee injuries or are experiencing difficulties in walking. These orthotic devices are designed to provide people with comfort and, at the same time, treat several walking problems. Physicians should always be consulted before wearing knee braces, as they can recommend which type of braces to wear. In some cases, a therapist may also recommend which braces a patient should buy.

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of situations where a patient will need braces. In fact, not only those who have injuries or operations need to use these, active sports players, such as runners and soccer players, sometimes need knee braces for support. It is very common to see sports players wearing these braces, even during the game. However, these braces are there more for the support and protection of an old injury, rather than to heal an existent problem.

How to choose knee braces for running

The first and most important step in choosing the best knee braces is to understand the circumstances and condition of the patient. If the patient is a runner and wants to go back to running very soon, the physician will recommend the appropriate knee braces to give maximum support. The patient, for his part, will have to decide on the price of the braces and balance this with the need for speed in the recovery process.

Choosing knee braces for other sports

There are other sports where players choose to wear knee braces. These sports are usually very physical sports, such as soccer or rugby, and of course, running. However, compared to running, these sports are not as demanding in terms of the support needed from the knee braces.

Keep in mind that a player will have to undergo therapy for any injury before using knee braces for support. After the recovery process, the player may start participating in sports again, but may continue to wear knee braces to ensure protection of the injured site and prevention from further injury. Recent injuries to the knees would almost always require the wearing of knee braces, regardless of whether medical treatment and intervention has been sought.

Types of injuries

There are many types of injuries that require a knee brace. Among them are the following:

These injuries are minor, so the patient can manage with lightweight knee braces. For more severe injuries though, such as tendon breakage, torn ligaments and dislocated knees, the patient will need heavier and sturdier knee braces. These orthotic devices can offer the support needed, although it is unlikely that the sports player will return to the game immediately.

In summary, a patient has to take consideration of several factors when choosing the right type of knee braces. A quick tip is that lightweight braces are for minor injuries, and heavier ones are for more serious injuries – the patient has to be sure to follow the physician’s advice on which is best for their particular problem.

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