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Trunk Braces

Trunk braces are used for a variety of people predominantly as a form of back protection. In fact, you can see that many athletes benefit from the use of trunk braces. If you have suffered from back pain or have had surgery on your back, trunk braces can provide you with the support and assistance you need to make a full recovery.

There is a range of different types of trunk braces available to suit a variety of needs and conditions. Therefore, if you need a trunk brace it is a good idea to ensure you receive the best advice from your physician or sports trainer. For example, a trunk brace for any athlete does not need to be quite as supportive as one to help sustain an individual after back surgery. You will find trunk braces available for the following categories, as well as many others:

Trunk braces for athletes

Trunk braces give a good support to the lower back region; therefore, it is no surprise that many athletes use them. They are particularly beneficial for those who undertake a weight lifting program or enjoy field sports, such as hammer throwing. Two of the key requirements for trunk braces are to provide compression and support. Trunk braces for athletes are primarily designed to protect the lower back, but they can stretch down as far as the hamstring and quadriceps area. These trunk braces are ideal for use during weight training and can be of benefit for all exercises designed to condition the lower back muscles, the waist, the quadriceps, hamstrings the groin and hips. These braces are often made from neoprene and are available in different grades of support, ranging from 1/8th inch to 1/16th inch thick.

Trunk braces for women

The shape of the female form is different to that of a man’s, therefore, If you are a female looking for a trunk brace you should obtain on that is specifically designed to help support your shape. Trunk braces specifically designed with women in mind give a good support basis to the back, allowing freedom to continue with daily life. They can be extremely beneficial in offering support where a person has a job that requires constant lifting of heavy loads. Wearing a trunk brace can reduce the risk of injury that may be caused by having to lift heavy loads on a regular basis.

Trunk braces for expectant mothers

Many pregnant mothers report that they suffer from back pain. In fact, more than 80% suffer from back pain on a regular basis during their pregnancy. Trunk braces specifically designed for a pregnant mother are a little different to other types, as they are more flexible to allow for the expansion of the stomach, as the baby grows larger. In addition, it provides both back and front support during the gestation period.

Clavicle trunk braces

This form of trunk brace is designed to reduce stress on the clavicle. The brace reduces the amount of movement in the shoulders, protecting the clavicle. This brace is covered in a stockinet material for comfort and is worn in a similar way to a backpack. Once in place, the brace can be locked and unlocked easily via a clasp at the front.

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